About the Biodiversity Institute

fbc5434bef72b4b6f8eae211037af93e_f31.jpgThe University of Wyoming’s Biodiversity Institute was established in September 2012 in response to the momentum created by the construction of the Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center, with the purpose of establishing a prestigious center for the study of biodiversity science and the interplay between society and the biological diversity of the natural world.  We focus our efforts on researcheducation and public engagement.

Vision and Mission

The mission of the Biodiversity Institute is to foster the understanding, appreciation and conservation of biological diversity through innovative research, education, outreach, and by engaging a broad audience in the scientific process.

The Biodiversity Institute works with scientists, resource managers, educators, and the public to further the understanding and conservation of biodiversity. We seek to provide a unique service to Wyoming and beyond by facilitating collaborative research projects, synthesizing and disseminating research, distributing grants, and providing educational, outreach, and citizen science programs for students and the public.

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