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What makes a bird a bird?

Download these pages to color, then cut out the bird parts. As you assemble your birds, think about the special characteristics that make birds unique among animals, and the even more special characteristics of the species you are building.


Download the owl puzzle!

1. Birds are the only animals that have feathers.

2. All birds have two wings, though not all birds can fly.

3. Owls have feathers that frame their faces. These feathers focus sound waves to their ears.

4. The feather tufts that some owls have are not part of their ears. They help to camouflage the owl, and communicate moods, like anger and excitement.

5. Birds have very keen eyesight. Owls and raptors have especially good sight, so that they can see their prey.

6. Owls and raptors have sharp, curved beaks to tear meat.

7. Owls and raptors have strong talons to grab and squeeze their prey.

Barred Tiger Salamander coloring page

Barred tiger salamanders are found all across Wyoming, and are most frequently seen in the spring. They can be green, gray or brown, with yellow stripes.


Download the coloring page here.