Past Events

Past Biodiversity in Culture Events

Movie Series 

Fall 2012 

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax 

Winged Migration 

Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time 

Flock of Dodos 

Desert Odyssey 

Being Caribou 

Spring 2013 

The Last Great Ape 


March of the Penguins 

Pronghorn Passage 

Wings of Life 

Fall 2013 

The Fruit Hunters 

A Bug’s Life 

Spring 2014 

African Cats 

The Botany of Desire 

More than Honey 

Winged Migration 

Summer 2014 

Wings of Life 

Fall 2014 

The Animal House 

Arctic Tale 

Spring 2015 

A Bug’s Life 

Scavenger Hunt 


Fall 2015 

March of the Penguins 

Princess Mononoke 

Seeds of Time 

Spring 2016 

Audubon the Film 

Moose: Life of a Twig Eater 

Only the River 


Spring 2017 

Dirt! The Movie 


Seed: The Untold Story 


Presentations by non-UW visitors 

Harry Greene, “Natural History, Aesthetics, and Conservation” & “Walkin’ and Talkin’ The Tree of Life: Why and How to Teach Biodiversity” 29th L. Floyd Clarke Memorial Lecture, September 2013 

Katrina van Grouw, “A Very Fine Swan Indeed: Art, Science and The Unfeathered Bird,” October  2013 

Morgan Ford, "The Impacts of Mosquito Control on Insects in Spring Creek, Laramie" and Panel Discussion, January 2014 

Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins, "Cognition, Movement, Imagination"  February 2014 

Doug Emlen, “Extravagant Weapons: The Story Behind Arms Races in Animals and Men” & “Mechanisms of Extreme Growth” 30th L. Floyd Clarke Memorial Lecture, April 2014 

Ed McCord, "The Value of Species" April 2014 

Ed Scholes, "Birds of Paradise: Revealing the World's Most Extraordinary Birds," September 2014 

Nelson Hairston Jr., “Taking it Easy is the Fastlane: Prolonged Dormancy meets Rapid Evolution in the Plankton” & “Evo-evolutionary Dynamics in Models, Bottles and Nature” 31st L. Floyd Clarke Memorial Lecture, October 2014 

Kyra Krakos, "Ecology and Evolution of Oenothera Reproductive Biology: Is it really just about hawkmoth love?" November 2014 

Jorge Soberón, “Standing on the Shoulders of G. E. Hutchinson: Towards a Practical Theory of the Niche,” April 2015 

Emma Marris, "Rambunctious Gardening in Action," April 2015 

Rob Dunn, "Why the future of medicine and agriculture depends on natural history and citizen science, with examples from the heart and the dinner plate," September 2015 

Elise Gornish, “Demographic Approaches to Vegetation Management in the Western U.S.,” February 2016 

Charmaine Delmatier, "A Walk Across Wyoming: Our Rare and Common Wildflowers," May 2016 

Robert Dorn, “The Historical Journey of Wyoming’s Plant Explorers, From Horseback to Satellites, October 2016 

Brian Elliott, “Edible Plants of Wyoming,” April 2017 

Melissa Hill (Draper Museum), Raptor Show, April 2017 

In addition, we estimate that we cosponsor 6-8 speakers per year. 



Vertical Dance, August 2013, September 2014, June 2015, June 2016 

Snowy Range Brass Quintet, January 2013 

Grand Avenue Brass, February 2013 

Summit Chamber Players, March 2013 and October 2013 

UW Flute Quartet, April 2013 

Peter Queal Group, July 2013 

Lights Along the Shore, August 2013, September 2014, June 2015 and June 2016 

Idylls (Kevin Hart), March 2014 

Verismo Trio, October 2014 

Littlest Birds, March 2015 

Scott Turpin Quartet, July 2015 


Sci-Art exhibits 

Animal Eyes, permanent installation 

Furs and Feathers, Beth Cochran, Feb - March 2013 

Cultivating the Scientist in Every Child, Hawkins Center of Learning, July 2013 

The Botanical Series: Photographs by Gerald Lang and Jennifer Anne Tucker.  UW Art Museum, July 2013  

A Very Fine Swan Indeed: Art, Science, and The Unfeathered Bird, Katrina van Grouw, October - November 2013 

The Red Desert to Hoback Migration, The Wyoming Migration Initiative, April 2014 

Visualizing the Life Zones of Wyoming’s Red Desert Region, Patrick Kikut and David Jones, April – June 2014 

Fuzz to Feathers to Flight: How birds arose from dinosaurs and took to flight, June 2014, permanent installation at the Geological Museum 

The Spirit Bird (public reading), Kent Nelson, October 2014 

In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act Wilderness Art Exhibition, November 2014 

Invasive Paper, UW Department of Art and Art History, February - March 2015 

Pollinators, Molly Clark, May – July 2015 

Wild Portraits: Exploring Wyoming’s Wildlife with Camera Traps and Studio Lights, Bailey Russel and Jonny Armstrong, September – October 2015 

The Macro/Microscopic Life of Plants, Rob Baker and Marc Brock, October – December 2015 

The Innovation Engine: A study of innovation in natural evolution on computer, Jeff Clune and Anh Mai Nguyen, March – April 2016  

Science Loves Art Exhibition: ABSTRACT FOSSILS, Ellen Currano, Meredith Pratt, Laura Vietti, Cynthia Weinig and René Williams, May - June 2016 

Spiders! Interconnectedness, Innovation & Stewardship, at the UW-NPS Research Station, GTNP, Harold Bergman, Sarah Kariko, et al., August 2016 

Wasteland, Brandon Balangee, September-December 2016 at the UW Art Museum 

The Fiber of Life, Doris Florig, September - October, 2016  

Lichen Abstractions, Bruce Parkinson, October - December, 2016 

A Sense of Place, Cooper Center for the Creative Arts students, March - April, 2017 

Wearing Wyoming- Microscopic Perspectives, Erin Irick, April 28, 2017  

Thunder Feathers, Lander Arts and Science, June – July 2017 


Science Cafés 

Albany County Library Science Café, June, 2014 

Graduate Student Café contest, ####, at Altitude Steakhouse 

Jonathan Prather Lab, November 2016, with the Cheyenne- High Plains Audubon Society 

Jonathan Prather Lab, November 2016, with the Laramie Audubon Society 

Pinedale, Wyoming, April 2017 with Sublette Co. BOCES 


Combination Events 

A Very Fine Swan Indeed: Art, Science, and The Unfeathered Bird, Katrina van Grouw, October - November 2013 

Red Canyon Bioblitz, Lander, June, 2014 

Darwin Days Talks and Trivia, February 2015 

Heart Mountain Bioblitz, Cody, June 2015 

Wild Plant Walks, June and July 2015 

The Sagebrush Sea, August 2015 

Berry Center Open House, September, 2015 

Darwin Days Talks and Trivia, February 2016 

Fly Fishing and Biodiversity Expo, April 2016 

Belvoir Ranch BioBlitz, Cheyenne, June 2016 

Edible Plants Walk, July 2016 

Bug Boot Camp, July 2016 

Sci-Art Symposium, September 2016 

Jackson Wild Science Festival, October  2016 

Darwin Days Fish Fossils and Trivia, February 2017 

Wild Plant Walk, June 2017 

Casper Mountain BioBlitz, Casper, June 2017 

Bug Boot Camp, July 2017 



Pollinator events 

Pollinator parties 

Laramie, June 2013, June 2014 

Cheyenne, July 2013, July 2014 

Rock Springs and Green River, July 3013 

Cody, August 2013 

Lander, June 2014 

Casper, August 2014 

Pollinator Week  

Laramie, June 2014, 2015 and 2016


Book Signings 

Katrina van Grouw, The Unfeathered Bird,  October 2013 

Jackie Canterbury, Birds and Birding in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains Regions,  May 2014 

Rob Dunn, The Wild Life in Our Bodies, September 2015 

Dennis Knight, George Jones, William Reiners and William Romme, Mountains and Plains, November 2015 

Steven Buskirk, Mammals of Wyoming, February 2016 

Brian Elliott, Handbook of Edible and Poisonous Plants of Western North America, April 2017